Avi became a runner a few years ago mainly because of a local 5k run his family would sponsor in memory of his father z”l Chaim Bohorodzaner. Avi would show up year after year and watch the runners until one year- he said “enough is enough!” Avi started training a few months before by jogging as much as he could. In the beginning, he could only run 3 blocks and then would continue to walk/jog. Over time it became more natural and he taught himself to focus on breathing and to keep his heart rate calm. Music was very important to Avi and is a must when he is out on a run!

Avi believes running is an enjoyable outlet that helps clear your head and can be extremely therapeutic. You might feel weak on the outside but inside your body is a machine. A wise man said “Don’t let the body control the mind, the mind controls the body”- even when you are tired or feeling down, don’t listen to your body, tell yourself that you can push further and longer at a relaxed pace. The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves.

Avi is excited to work with our runners on a collective and individual level to motivate and prep them for race day! Please reach out to Avi with any race questions!
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